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Efrain Herrera


Efrain Herrera is a contemporary artist with a concentration in painting, based in Philadelphia, PA.


Educated in Mexico and the USA, he dove into his fascination, passion, and love of painting, completing his first paintings at 15 y.o. in Veracruz, Mexico. Wanting to grow as an artist and share art with everyone, Herrera shifted his passion to painting murals on walls, so art was accessible to everyone in the community. In 2001, Efrain further received highly technical mural training when he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- partnering with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program as well as other major art organizations. His numerous design styles and materials, from charcoal, pastel, and oil paint, to abstract, alcohol ink, and fluid art were immediately recognized by the Philadelphia mural community.


Efrain Herrera has gone on to complete some of the largest murals and landmarks in the United States and Mexico and assisted in an extremely large amount of murals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over twenty years.


By painting and experimenting with surface materials, tools, and techniques, Herrera

investigates themes of his environment- color theory, abstract forms, protection, material investigation, religion, emotions, and possibility.


Over the last years, the artist has reawakened his love for bright colors, and abstract forms. To the artist, abstract shapes are free or repetitive, creating a curious barrier between the energetic shapes and the outside world.

Efrain's Original Paintings

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